Toker’s Digest #4: Mataro Blue

Another one of those indica hybrid strains that could fool you as a sativa. Citrusy flavours and aromas, with couch gluing, lazy effects. First impressions Scent Opening this bag of flower was like a dive into the dole plantation. Pineapples and lemons come to mind. Almost surprising to find out that mataro blue is an indica heavy hybrid. Considering it’s strong sativa properties. Overall pretty … Continue reading Toker’s Digest #4: Mataro Blue

Toker’s Digest #3: Black Nuken

Yooooo, an impressive strain indeed. The smell of this strain was definitely what stood out most. This flower has awesome nose and huge nugs! Usually gassy flower translates into stronger effects, but not with this strain. The high was quite subtle, which makes it a great day time high! First impressions Scent SUPER gassy. The nose in this strain is by far my favourite up … Continue reading Toker’s Digest #3: Black Nuken

Toke News #1: City of Vancouver is shutting down dispensaries, and here’s why.

I’m going to get straight to the point. The city of Vancouver has created aggressive zoning restrictions in order for dispensaries to obtain a municipal cannabis retail license. The following are the exact rules taken from the City of Vancouver’s web page; Step 1: Meet municipal requirements Find a business location that meets zoning requirements. The location must be in a commercial zone, and be … Continue reading Toke News #1: City of Vancouver is shutting down dispensaries, and here’s why.

Cannabis indica hybrid gorilla glue gg4

Toker’s Digest # 2: Gorilla Glue (GG4)

Yo, its no wonder why this strain is named after the toughest glue on the market. This strain will have you glued to the couch for a little while. Don’t be alarmed though, because at least your funny bone will be heavily engaged! Planning to shred a bunch of classic N64 games with the boys? Or killing a few hours netflixing with your main woman? … Continue reading Toker’s Digest # 2: Gorilla Glue (GG4)

Toker’s digest #1: Durban Poison

Hey guys! This is my first post of the toker’s digest, where I have a detailed breakdown of the specific strain of weed I am reviewing WHILST high on it!  Hope you enjoy this series, and feedback is GREATLY appreciated. First impressions Scent These buds are pretty gassy.   Before I stuffed my face in the bag,  my nose was penetrated with that sweet earthy scent … Continue reading Toker’s digest #1: Durban Poison