Toker’s digest #1: Durban Poison

Hey guys!

This is my first post of the toker’s digest, where I have a detailed breakdown of the specific strain of weed I am reviewing WHILST high on it!  Hope you enjoy this series, and feedback is GREATLY appreciated.

First impressions


These buds are pretty gassy.   Before I stuffed my face in the bag,  my nose was penetrated with that sweet earthy scent that sativa’s typically carry.   


Being a complete sativa strain, Durban Poison nugs do not get super big.  The average dimension is that of a gum ball.  This is of course biased to the grower, so maybe my batch was just smaller.  However, these buds are pretty frosty, and under a scope, they are full on!

Toke impressions


Smoke burns white.  Taste is incredible, one of my favourites.  Sweet and acidic, with some bold earthy finishes.  Goes down smooth, so be careful!  Each toke will have you wanting more!


I felt it in my eyes almost immediately on my first toke.  For smokers who usually get paranoia or anxiety when blazed up, I have great news!  This blaze is uplifting and energising, with no signs of paranoia or anxiety.  Good day time high for going on a hike or something active.  Pretty good to get the creative juices flowing as well (you can use this article as a reference).  Focus is good, but I am very talkative right now, and cant stop looking up at my girlfriend and be annoying according to her.  Only negative is I find myself drinking a lot of water because the cotton mouth is real.

Toke Score:

Scent – 8/10

Aesthetics – 7/10

Taste – 8/10

Effects – 9/10

Summary: Frosty, Gassy, Uplifting, Euphoric, Energetic, Citric, Sweet, Earthy, Smaller Nug, Daytime High.

Cannabis, sativa, durban poison

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