Cannabis indica hybrid gorilla glue gg4

Toker’s Digest # 2: Gorilla Glue (GG4)

Yo, its no wonder why this strain is named after the toughest glue on the market. This strain will have you glued to the couch for a little while. Don’t be alarmed though, because at least your funny bone will be heavily engaged! Planning to shred a bunch of classic N64 games with the boys? Or killing a few hours netflixing with your main woman? In that case, I highly recommend this one!

First impressions


Not the gassiest buds I’ve had. These buds kind of need you to put your face in the bag in order to get that blast of Mary Jane goodness dancing in your nasal cavity.


These buds are beautiful! GG4 is an indica dominate hybrid, therefore the buds were pretty fat! The big ones were averaging the size of a golf ball. Flowers are very frosty all around, and are laced with a beautiful purple tint that gives me that nostalgic feeling to the purple haze and kush days. A time where you didn’t have to worry about tokes taking you out for a whole day.

Toke impressions


Smoke burns white and clean. This strain is pungent. If your planning to play all around the world with your wifey / hubby right before you guys smash some “The Bachelor” (which he pretends to dislike) I don’t recommend it! Your gonna be choking a field of cotton into the next weekend! So stick to the puff puff pass, and enjoy the earthy, bold, and pine like smoke. Its a tasty blaze.


Extremely relaxing high. I usually smoke Indicas and hybrids at night to put me out, and Gorilla Glue did not disappoint. Me and my misses blazed a fatty and watched Planet Earth II. We could not stop laughing hysterically at the scene with the lizard and snake (this may be disturbing to some of you). The munchies are mad real on this blaze as well so make sure your prepared with your favourite Ruffles. Have some H20 as well because your gonna get the pasties. All in all, very relaxing high, mad munchies, and super giggles. Be sure to not have anything productive planned because your not gonna want to lift a finger! Have fun and be safe!

Toke Score:

Scent – 7/10

Aesthetics – 9/10

Taste – 7/10

Effects – 8/10

Summary: Relaxing, Earthy, Bold, Sweet, Frosty, Couch Potato, Funny, Munchies, Purple, Pungeant, Big Nugs, Nighttime High.

Cannabis, indica, hybrid, gorilla glue gg4

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