Toker’s Digest #3: Black Nuken

Yooooo, an impressive strain indeed. The smell of this strain was definitely what stood out most. This flower has awesome nose and huge nugs! Usually gassy flower translates into stronger effects, but not with this strain. The high was quite subtle, which makes it a great day time high!

First impressions


SUPER gassy. The nose in this strain is by far my favourite up to this point in my blazing career. Super earthy and pungent with hints of tang. If only I could send you guys odour molecules through my laptop because I cant keep my nose out of this bag.


Black Nuken flowers don’t only smell amazing, they look pretty damn fire too! Maybe I lucked out with this batch, but the nugs in this bag are pretty big. These buds are the size of an average adult male’s swollen thumb. Minimal stem, and laced with purple hairs, this strain could be a contender for Miss Cannabis Universe.

Toke impressions


Smoke burns salt and pepper, with a little more white than black. Smoke goes down super smooth, very friendly to the average smoker. My girl friend loves the flavour in this toke, its one of her favourites. It has that very organic taste, like earth and wood. Not a lot of choking on this one, so if your trying to get that straight edge cutie to smoke, I highly recommend this one!


Pretty subtle high, which was very surprising for an Indica in my opinion. The high on this flower reminds me a lot of a Sativa. Very uplifting, euphoric high. Me and my girlfriend had the super giggles for hours. Great daytime high, we cleaned up the crib, and danced to Ariana Grande for hours (don’t judge bro, I know you do too). Good energy, and focus. I can see myself getting a lot of work done on this flower, including this blog. For the first time in awhile, I think I’ll be making a repeat purchase. Also an idea from my misses, so for you female smokers, highly recommended!

Toke Score:

Scent – 9.5/10

Aesthetics – 8.5/10

Taste – 8/10

Effects – 8/10

Total – 8.5/10

Summary: Super Gassy, Purple, Strong Smell, Earthy, Woody, Indica, Euphoric, Daytime High, Giggles, Huge Nugs.

Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Black Nuken
This nug is almost the size of my hand!
Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Black Nuken
Toke flash so you can see the crystals!
Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Black Nuken
Look at those purple hairs!

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