Toker’s Digest #4: Mataro Blue

Another one of those indica hybrid strains that could fool you as a sativa. Citrusy flavours and aromas, with couch gluing, lazy effects.

First impressions


Opening this bag of flower was like a dive into the dole plantation. Pineapples and lemons come to mind. Almost surprising to find out that mataro blue is an indica heavy hybrid. Considering it’s strong sativa properties. Overall pretty gassy, but not pungent.


The buds on mataro blue are decently big. Their girthy and dense, like a bag of golf balls. My batch was pretty icy, and very sticky. Not the under-cured kind of sticky either. Vibrant green flower with light orange hairs.

Toke impressions


Smoke burns pretty black, not a lot of white. Taste is sweet, subtle with a hint of lemony citrus. Smoke is smooth on the throat, but also dances on its way down. Not aggressive at all so if you’ve got the tolerance of a toddler, this strain can be ideal.


Pretty smooth high. Felt it in my eyes immediately. Can be a productive on this toke, with a subtle boost in creativity. Writing this blog is flowing quite nice with not a lot of backspacing. However, this is a a bottle of couch glue. I do not recommend this strain for any form of physical activity. With the exception for the following; eating, sleeping or Netflix and chilling. Overall, not super euphoric and energizing but creative and can be productive. Have a bottle of water too, your gonna dry up in places. (Your mouth and eyes, you dirtbag).

Toke Score:

Scent – 9.5/10

Aesthetics – 8/10

Taste – 8/10

Effects – 8/10

Total – 8.5/10

Summary: Gassy, Orange, Aromatic, Lemon, Citrus, Indica, Lazy, Nighttime High, Couch Gluing, Dense Nugs, Smooth.

Flash pic

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